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Whirlpool Novitek Luosto


I have been using Spabalancer products for our Novitek Luosto whirlpool and the water has been very good with a minimal amount of work. Real test was a pool party with a total of ten persons for five hours and on the next morning the water was still crystal clear and odourless. I hate the smell of chlorine in swimming pools so this has been a perfect choice for me!

Happy customer from Finland, Petri


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Swim Spa Sparelax SRP-430

Dear Mr. Dörries,

I have a small family therefore I was looking for something which can do both: keeping the water crystal clean and at the same time must be gentle to the skin. I am very satisfied with the whole product range of the Spa Balancer. They proved to be effective and works just like it was promised. Once you get used to them you will never look for something else.

Best Regards, Csaba R.


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NOVITEK outdoor whirlpool


We have NOVITEK outdoor whirlpool now for two years. We use it also in the winter. We have used SpaBalacer from the beginning and we are very happy with the result. The water is clean and smells fresh.

Happy customer F. M. from Finland


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Hot Tub Novitek Olos

Dear Tim,

I have been using SpaBalancer right from the start and the products have been working exactly as expected and the water in the tub is always crystal clear. I chose SpaBalancer because our kids have a sensitive skin type and typically will get reactions in heavily chlorinated public swimming pool waters. The kids have been swimming in the tub 3-4 times per week, and are often in for several hours and we have not seen any skin reactions, which is very very good!

The next best thing with SpaBalancer is that it is really super easy to use. Just pour 50-100ml of SpaBalancer in the tub once a week and occasionally after more heavy bathing I add a shot of UltraShock. On top of this I clean the filter once per week - I rotate three filter cartridges - with the filter cleaning sprayer (which is really at least as good as promised!) and soak the filters in SpaBalancer Filter Clean Classic about once per month.

I keep a detail diary of the electrical consumption, bathing times, spa settings, filter cleanings and SpaBalancer use and will be happy to share this information with anyone who might be interested in knowing how much a Novitek Olos hot tub consumes and costs in Espoo/Finland. Simply send me an sms on +358400269199 with your email address and I will contact you.

I can only say that I am very happy with the SpaBalancer and will continue using only this product.

With kind regards and keep up the good work!


Espoo / Finlandtype of Hot Tub: Novitek OlosInstalled: May 2014Using SpaBalancer: since first filling


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Wellis Palermo Pool


We like your product. It keeps our Wellis Palermo pool fresh and clean without chlorine. Attached two photos with Spabalancer and our pool.

Regards - Risto K. - Finland


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Santa Cruz Outdoor Pool by Artesian Spas


I've had a Santa Cruz Outdoor Pool by Artesian Spas for a year, but early on, the smell of chlorine bothered me. Two months ago I discovered SpaBalancer and ordered the complete care line. I am amazed at the good water quality. The water is clear, doesn't smell, and feels good on your skin. I'm sticking with it!!

Many thanks to the team.


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Aquawhirlpool Outdoor by Viva Aqua


Have had an Aquawhirlpool Outdoor by Viva Aqua for approx. 1 ½ years. We use the whirlpool all year round, including in the winter. We have used SpaBalancer right from the beginning and have only had positive experiences. We change the water only 1 x per year and it had very good skin tolerance. We highly recommend it.

Kind regards Joe S.


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Whirlpool X5 Sonic Spa


We are so glad to take the opportunity and are sending you a photograph of our whirlpool X5 Sonic Spa together with SpaBalancer.

We have been using the whirlpool for 4 weeks and have used SpaBalancer from the beginning. We didn't want to use chlorine and decided for this option for this reason. We've been very pleased until now. The water is completely clear and clean. We also clean the filter using the cleanser with the same brand. I can recommend SpaBalancer for anyone who is seeking chlorine-free bath enjoyment.

Warm regards, C.D.H.


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Canadian Spa Winnipeg hot tub

Dear SpaBalancer-Team

We have a Canadian Spa Winnipeg hot tub. Until recently, we always used chlorine, which unfortunately irritated my husband's skin, so he was no longer able to use the tub. We came across SpaBalancer on the Internet. We ordered the starter set and tried it out, and we are absolutely thrilled with your product and the pure, clear water. My husband can now enjoy the hot tub again without getting skin rashes. Thanks to the entire team!

Thanks again and best regards Edith B.


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Dimension One Whirlpool


Spabalancer follows through on its promise. It's very easy to use and the result is crystal-clear water in a clean whirlpool with a good pH value. A great product!

Best regards,

Axel K.


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Lung ailments and Spabalancer


Attached are a couple pictures of the Spabalancer.For people with lung ailments, Spabalancer is their only opportunity to enjoy a whirlpool (including bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, COPD). Chlorine etc only make their illness worse.For people who like to stay tan long after their vacation, Spabalancer is also great, since chlorine bleaches the skin after just a short period of time.In addition, the water is softer and your skin doesn't feel dry during or after bathing.Using it is really easy. Only the first time you fill it up takes a little extra effort. Occasionally I also add Ultrashock by Spabalancer. The two together give you fantastic water quality for about a year (I'm still testing it).

Yours truly,

Cliff H.


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Sundance Spa and SpaBalancer

Hello,Experience report:

I have had a Sundance Spa for about 8 years, and for about 3 years, I have had a cheap Bubble Spa at my vacation house. When I first purchased the Sundance, the dealer provided me with everything according to instructions to keep the spa clean - pH pus, pH minus, tester, chlorine, etc. The instructions were so long that I told myself that I should go back to school and major in chemistry. The care was so time-consuming that I cursed my decision to purchase the spa on many an occasion. Early on, I got the advertisement for SpaBalancer. Right, I thought! Just another magic potion to benefit the manufacturer and to make me work even harder!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Ever since that day (refilling) I haven't had to spend more than 2 minutes a week taking care of the pool. Two to three times a month I clean the filter and that's all. The water is wonderful!

My youngster is allergic to just about everything and always had problems after going to public swimming pools, but never after using the spa.

Just one more thing: my expenses fell by approx. 30-40% by using SpaBalancer.

So I'd tell everyone: try it and be happy.


Jan B.


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Softub Resort

Dear sir or madam,

We have owned a Softub Resort for just about four years. It was always annoying to have to change the water every three months and constant checking of the pH and chlorine level as well as the unpleasant chlorine odor.With a similar product (AquaFinesse) you also have to regulate the pH level, and in addition, work with small quantities of chlorine and every 4 - 5 months, the water had to be changed.Two years ago I finally fond SpaBalancer on the Internet. We decided to test out the "magic product."Despite short pumping times with the Softub, we have never had any problem with the water and haven't once had to use the SpaBalancer Ultraschock treatment.We have been using SpaBalancer for two years by now, and are very pleased. The water is still clear as glass after a year, and practically odorless. The pH level remains at 7.3 without the use of any additional products.We only add 50 ml SpaBalancer every week, and change the filter every week.

We would continue to recommend SpaBalancer without any reservations.


Steve W.



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Whirlpool Softub Resort and water...


First of all, we are absolutely thrilled!!

We bought our Softub "Ressort", which was built in 2008, in very good condition at the end of March.

Since we wanted to avoid chlorine and other additives from the start, we opted for SPABALANCER and SPABALANCER ULTRASHOCK.

After a great consultation by the company AQUA-Whirlpools, we ordered the products listed above.

Initially, after filling the pool with close to 1000 liters of water, we treated the water with 80ml ULTRASHOCK. After about two days, the Ultrashock content had fallen to a normal level. Subsequently, we added 80ml SPABALANCER to the water. The pH value was excellent, the water was crystal clear.

We have been using 40ml Ultrashock followed by 50ml SPABALANCER once weekly, at a pool usage of about 3 times per week by 2 people,

This combination provides us with great water, which could not be better. 

SPABALANCER is a smash hit !!!

Fortunately, we did not even try other additives such as chlorine or PH + and -, it’s simply not necessary.

Additionally, we carry out a water check every 2 days with SPABALANCER test strips, clean the inside of the pool with a special glove and exchange and clean the filter of the Softub every 5 days with the "filter flosser" nozzle. That thing is indispensable as well by the way !!!


We hope you enjoy your baths, Miriam K. and Andreas K.



Whirlpool Softub Resort and water disinfection without chlorine. 



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Whirlpool Canadian Spa Winnipeg

We have been using SpaBalancer for close to a year and are absolutely amazed. The water quality is outstanding and the handling is very simple.

On a fixed day every week (Sunday), we add the specified amount of SpaBalancer to the water.

We are very satisfied with SpaBalancer. It helps us to maintain maximum water quality with a minimal amount of maintenance work. The experiment to try SpaBalancer was the right decision.

We wholeheartedly recommend SpaBalancer to everyone, who wants to both make whirlpool maintenance as easy as possible and enjoy clean, aromatic water.

Kind regards,




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whirlpool Florida Beach Spa model Marquise


Two years ago, we purchased a whirlpool of the make Florida Beach Spa, model: Marquise, for 6 people. From the beginning, I was thinking about what I would use for disinfection. From my own experience, I knew that chlorine dosage would be problematic. Sometime too much, then again not enough. Skin and eyes are irritated.

On top of that, there is this pungent chlorine smell.

I chose SpaBalancer first of all because of the kids. The water is soft and clear and I can use the same water from May until December without changing it.

And the best part is that all water values are just fine.

Regards from Luxembourg,




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Dimension One Spa Dream

We have been using SpaBalancer in our Dimension One Spa Dream and are thrilled with this product.

Initially, we just used chlorine, but I have to admit that the cost and effort was too much, and I wasn’t convinced with the result.

After using SpaBalancer, the water is now crystal clear (incredible!), and it’s easier on the skin.

I can only recommend SpaBalancer.


Many thanks and keep up the good work.



Michael B.


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Whirlpool Softub 300 Water clear and...

Dear sir or madam, 

I highly recommend SpaBalancer. It keeps the water clear and is completely odourless. It’s fun to be able to bathe in the pool again. We have a Softub 300+ 

best regards, 

Andre T. 


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Whirlpool Viking Spa

We have had a whirlpool bathtub of the Viking brand for the last 7 years. The pool has six seats. I started the spa treatment with chlorine.

Everything was very difficult at the start because I had no idea what to do or a routine. I drained the water twice. When the pool was unused for a few days, I had to carry out shock chlorination before using it again, and our skin and swimsuits smelt of chlorine after bathing.

At some point, I changed to oxygen. Although oxygen is odourless, it is just as labour intensive as chlorine.

I discovered SpaBalancer last year and convinced myself to try it out. No smell, no allergic reactions, and no pH fluctuations anymore! Using it once a week keeps the pool clean. It was also a huge relief to my father, who had to maintain the pool while we were away on holiday. He is overwhelmed with joy by the SpaBalancer as well.

I can recommend only SpaBalancer to those who want to make spa care easy and would like to have clean and odourless water.

Greetings from Mandelbachtal

Family W from Mandelbachtal/Saarland Whirlpool: Viking Spa


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Fonteyn Spas Economy Series


I would like to inform you that I was very satisfied with the SpaBalancer right from the start!

I have perfect water quality just by using 75 ml per week for a pool size of 1,600 litres. A pleasant side effect is that the water becomes as soft as silk, the pipe system is protected, and the annoying chlorine smell vanishes without any trace. I strongly recommend the use of this!

Best regards, Herbert G. from Freilassing in Bavaria

My Pool: Polaris Fonteyn Spas, economy series


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Canadian Spa

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

At the beginning of April 2010, we bought a whirlpool bathtub of the Canadian Spa brand, Winnipeg model, and began using SpaBalancer right from the start. We have no complaints regarding this cleanser.

We heard about SpaBalancer by searching various online forums. The first purchase was meant to be just a trial with the chance of effectiveness being fifty-fifty. The result, as mentioned, was 100% effectiveness.

Your skin also feels comfortable after a bath and one need not apply any additional moisturiser.

Regards, Family K from Oranienburg


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Whirlpool Sundance Spas Capri 880

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I have been using SpaBalancer for a year now and am very happy that it exists. Previously, I had to always use chlorine granules for water treatment and have developed an ever-increasing allergy to chlorine over two years, which prevented me from using my whirlpool bathtub.

I came across your SpaBalancer while searching the Internet. When ordering the SpaBalancer, I was absolutely uncertain as to whether the product would meet its advertised promises and be worth the money spent.

I have cleaned my pool, refilled it, and then added the SpaBalancer according to your instructions – I still have the same water in the pool and it is still clean, clear, and odourless.

Thanks to SpaBalancer, I can use my whirlpool fully once again and since my pool is indoors, I no longer have any unpleasant chlorine smell in the house and need not constantly provide sufficient ventilation. SpaBalancer has drastically reduced work at the pool, since the exchange of water 4-5 times in the year as well as the continuous painstaking control of water purity is not required. I just need to add SpaBalancer to the water once a week and the water is always clear and clean. Moreover, I have not had skin problems since the time I started using SpaBalancer and my skin is soft and supple and not as dry as before.

The water remains clear even when I do not use the pool for several days, for instance during vacation. The pH value is kept almost constant. I need to adjust it only when I refill the water.

I am extremely satisfied with SpaBalancer. Mr W. from Tubingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg Whirlpool: Sundance Spas make, Capri 880 model


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We have no complaints regarding this cleanser

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

At the beginning of April 2010, we bought a whirlpool bathtub of the Canadian Spa brand, Winnipeg model, and began using SpaBalancer right from the start. We have no complaints regarding this cleanser.

We heard about SpaBalancer by searching various online forums. The first purchase was meant to be just a trial with the chance of effectiveness being fifty-fifty. The result, as mentioned, was 100% effectiveness.

Your skin also feels comfortable after a bath and one need not apply any additional moisturiser.


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Clearwater Spa

Why am I satisfied with the SpaBalancer? It’s simple: It works. I do not know exactly why, as there is no chemical formula in the bottle label… However, as with so many things: the one that works gets appreciation. Admittedly, it is expensive … but it saves me a lot of work (water check, read strips, playing with chlorine levels, etc.). It is important to shake the bottle well before using. My 1,200 litre pool requires three quarters of the measuring cup and allows the nozzles to run during the metering. I should actually do it every week, but forget it for a few days – and it still works. One cannot smell anything by opening the lid of the bottle and inhaling it, which could be disappointing initially because you might then think: where is the chemical formula behind it? But that’s just it … the formula seems to work differently than the sledgehammer-chemicals. What convinced me is that the water remains active. Some time ago, I once again added chlorine to the water, as the bottle was empty and I had not ordered a new one on time. I could clearly feel the difference – the water did not feel good – interestingly, it also tipped over and I had to change it. Now, with the SpaBalancer, I have weeks of rest once again and an excellent pool of water. Therefore, I do not know what is behind the liquid… but it is brilliant… that’s for sure!

Therefore, I will stick with my SpaBalancer.

O. Dietrich, Wittgert


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Hot Tub Jacuzzi


I have a very busy schedule, but still seek a comfortable lifestyle. The never-ending adjustment of water parameters and chlorine refills got on my nerves so much that I had lost the desire to go into the pool. Furthermore, the fact that I had to change the water every six months was bothersome.

I then purchased a bottle of SpaBalancer eventually to try out and added it freshly to the pool. I was thrilled. The maintenance is now almost nil: No more continuous setting of water parameters anymore, only the addition of SpaBalancer and replacement/cleaning of the filter once a week. The water is soft. It is great that one can relax in the pool immediately without having to wait.

Since then, we have fun in our whirlpool.

Even if the price is a bit high, I can recommend it.



Wolfgang G. from Heilsbronn


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Whirlpool Kapec-San Bauhaus BM 216

Dear AW team,

Here are some photos with the whirlpool and SpaBalancer as an attachment. We can think of no other water care agent any more, there is nothing simpler than SpaBalancer. The water is very soft, good-bye to the nasty smell of chlorine!

One only needs a single bottle to take care of the water, not a whole load of liquids or granular chemicals!

SpaBalancer has solved all our pool-problems!

Thank you!

Daniel W. & Judith K. from Bendorf


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Whirlpool USSPA Universum Spa Taurus

Dear AW Team,

Here is a photo to show you how pleased we are with your SpaBalancer. We bought our hot tub from you in 2005 and have toiled for four years with all kinds of disinfection and cleaning means, in a more or less successful manner. The whirlpool bathtub involved indeed a lot of work, but was still huge fun. In January 2009, a friend of ours that was with us in the whirlpool contracted a terrible rash (cauliflower-like), I telephoned Mr D and told him about our problem and also that our daughter recurrently got small pimples on the neck leading to an itching sensation after using the spa. He recommended for us to use the SpaBalancer. After initial scepticism of whether an agent plus weekly filter change should really be enough… the answer is…YES it is much better than one can describe it. • The water is crystal clear, soft and clean • The work is limited to the weekly addition of SpaBalancer and filter change • No setting of pH value • No chlorine odour • Even after 3 weeks of vacation, the water is still clear (only for hygienic reasons, I use chlorine for a single time and then I continue to use SpaBalancer). I need to change the water less often. • No one complains about dry, itchy skin or rashes Spa Balancer is a real asset and a huge time-saver for all whirlpool-lovers. I can only recommend it.

Greetings, Heike V. from Hofheim

Whirlpool: USSPA, Taurus


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Whirlpool Sundance Cameo

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As previously reported, we have been using SpaBalancer for about a year or so – the time of its launch in the market. Advantage: we do not need any more chemicals, and the water is friendly to the skin, which is especially useful in case of chlorine intolerance. Disadvantage: The filter must be cleaned more often of course. You have received the instruction not to use any other chemical, in particular algae-fighting agents of all kinds. This seems to lead to chemical reactions, which discolour the water and render an unpleasant smell to it, but without being harmful to the skin. Therefore, use only SpaBalancer after refilling!

We have been using the pool for about five years Brand: Sundance Type: Cameo Filling capacity: 1,750 litres


Werner K. from Staig


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Whirlpool Waterdreams

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are excited about SpaBalancer! It is straightforward and easier to clean our whirlpool bathtub at length. One saves a lot of time with the SpaBalancer, as the constant measurement of pH is not required. I can only recommend this product for your hot tub!


Martin K. from Stans in Austria Whirlpool: Waterdreams


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Whirlpool Hotspring Prodigy

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As promised, a picture of us with Spa Balancer. The cleanser works just great, we do not need any other cleaning agents any longer. Although we barely use any chlorine, ozonator, and silver ion cartridge, the maintenance costs have still reduced.

Best wishes from Swabia!

Marc Z. from Schwieberdingen Whirlpool: Hotspring, Prodigy


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Whirlpool Jacuzzi


My experience with SPA Balancer is exactly the same as your product description. The water is clear and clean, no smell, the pH value has flattened and become stable. I require neither chlorine and oxygen tabs nor pH-minus. If one cleans the filter weekly and removes the initial lime scale from the pool, it is a superb article guaranteeing minimum maintenance.

I have attached older pictures from my Jacuzzi of a previous model.


Andreas K. from Miesbach Whirlpool: Jacuzzi


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Jazzi Pool


Here’s our brief report on SpaBalancer. We have used SpaBalancer since July 2009 and are very happy. At first, we used chlorine, but since we started using SpaBalancer the water care has become much easier. The never-ending measurement of the chlorine content and the pH is unnecessary. The water feels much more comfortable. We highly recommend SpaBalancer and will of course continue to use it. Our spa is a Jazzi Pool.


Dietmar E. from Metzingen


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BM 216 whirlpool from Bauhaus

I have had a BM 216 whirlpool from Bauhaus since about a year. At first, I disinfected it with chlorine; however, I could not avoid daily dosage of additives and measurement of water parameters. Then, I became aware of SpaBalancer. I ordered a bottle and I thought that practice makes a man perfect. What else can I say, I have stuck with it. Gone are the days of constant controlling and repeated dosage of additives. Once a week I add 75 ml SpaBalancer to the water and clean my filter. I use my pool every day about 30 minutes to relax in the evening before dinner. I do not need any more showers thereafter to get rid of the smell of chlorine, and my skin feels fresh and moisturised. I was also convinced about the good advice that I got when I initially made the mistake of not cleaning the filter properly. As a fair gesture, I got a bottle dispatched to me to use it properly this time and since then my pool has been free of problems in spite of heavy usage! It is so comfortable especially during the winter to not have to change the water and constantly keep any eye on the water. In the summer, I turn the heating off at night so that I can cool myself a bit in the water during the day. These temperature fluctuations do not influence the SpaBalancer.

Rene P. from Greifenstein


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Dynastyspas Brand and Tahoe Model

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Here is our review with photos:

Easter 2009 we bought a whirlpool bathtub of the Dynastyspas brand and Tahoe model. We used the water treatment agents AquaFinesse recommended by the seller. It was supposed to be enough, without any additional additives. However, oxygen had to be added regularly. We decided to test another product since we could not always achieve the desired water quality and often observed large algal particles from the pipes in spite of ongoing analysis of the pH value and oxygen. After searching the Internet, we discovered your product, the SpaBalancer. Our hot tub has now been maintained exclusively with the SpaBalancer for about four months. Since then we have a very good water quality test results, even without permanent analysis and no other means are required. We change the filter once a week and add the amount of SpaBalancer stated on the bottle.

We hope that we can hereby convince more whirlpool bathtub owners of the SpaBalancer.


Family R. from Münchsmünster


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Sunrise Spa Meridian

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We have been using the Spa Balancer since September 2009. The water was changed and the Spa Balancer added. The product is really worth recommending. The handling is very simple and one only needs this product and nothing more. The water in the pool is crystal clear and smells fresh. We have not changed the water since September of last year. In addition, the water feels soft and pleasant to the touch and no sign of any skin irritations. There is also no foam formation. The only thing that needs to be done once a week is the replacement or cleaning of the filter and addition of about 60 ml SpaBalancer. That’s it! The SpaBalancer is a brilliant thing when one considers the various measures to be taken in its absence (pH plus/minus, descaling, oxygen tabs with activator, possibly anti-foaming agent, etc.). One can also save money with the SpaBalancer as the water need not be changed that often and in particular, need not be heated.

We shall now describe our pool: it is a Sunrise Spa (Meridian). It is about 2 years old and is used 2-3 times per week. We would be very grateful for further offers from you as we are very happy with the product. Moreover, your customer service is commendable. Many thanks to you all!

Greetings from Bavaria Tobias, Karin and Erich T. from Plattling


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Jacuzzi Columba Universum Spa

Dear AW team,

We have used SpaBalancer since the product has been on offer. We bought the Columba Spa whirlpool from you the summer of 2006. At first, we disinfected with chlorine and oxygen tabs. The fact that we could not use the pool for the next few hours after chlorine disinfection was unsatisfactory. This has been possible, however, since the time we began using SpaBalancer and the water is much more pleasant and soft. At least we no longer experience skin irritation! Furthermore, disinfection after the use of the pool is made redundant. We usually bathe in the late evening or early hours of the night when it is already dark. We are so thankful for the fact that the subsequent or prior mandatory chlorine treatment after a relaxing spa time is unnecessary. Previously, one had to have a constant eye during disinfection. This is particularly troublesome in the winter months when it is cold outside and possibly snowing. We quickly became accustomed to the weekly rhythm of treating the water with SpaBalancer and changing the filter. With regard to the cost-factor, it would be nice if we could get it at a better price. On the other hand, the “chemical module” is not required for a large part. We could significantly reduce our water treatment products, so as to reduce the time required for maintenance.

Greetings Family B. from Gersheim/Saarland


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Whirlpool Jazzipool


It did take a while for me to chronicle my experience, but finally here is my story.

A year ago, we purchased a hot tub, a fantastic thing in any case. At the start, it was pretty exhausting to maintain it. After filling, we set the water quality at first. Phhhh!!! It was quite difficult. Chlorination, pH plus/minus, demineralisation, etc. Then, we thought that further care would be somewhat simple, but every week we had to chlorinate and check the pH value. On the day of chlorination, we were unfortunately not able to use the pool because the chlorine was eliminated only after 24 hours. We then informed ourselves more and more about alternative care products, and then found something that appeared to be incredible for the first time. SPA-balancer. And that’s all. Could this work??? Mmmm…we thought it would at least be worth a try, although the price for a trial appeared to be very high. The experiment has been going on for more than three quarters a year and we are thrilled! It actually works! No more checks of the measurement values, just add a small amount each week and that’s it – the water is crystal clear and odourless. Wonderful! Just before changing to this product, we were instructed that biofilm from the pipeline would be flushed out at first resulting in turbidity of the water, which was not the case as our pool was fairly new. Only the calcium resulting from the chlorination of water was precipitated. However, it was not a problem as the filter had retained it in a very short period of time. And … the good thing is, one can always jump into the pool and relax and come out with a pleasant soft-feeling skin even when the SpaBalancer is used. No itching, no scratching as with chlorine, but soft like a baby’s skin!

Therefore, folks, we can only further recommend SpaBalancer. Try it, you’ll be thrilled! If turbidity occurs at the start, give yourself a little bit more time. If changing to SpaBalancer takes place immediately, there is nothing better.

Many greetings from Pinneberg M & M Whirlpool: Jazzipool


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Whirlpool Dreampool 575 Hydropool

Dear valued AW team,

I want to tell you about my experience with your SpaBalancer:

It is very expensive – but it works:

We have been using our Dreampool 575 from the company Steinbach for 5 years now. Although I think that I am well-versed with water analysis through my hobby of maintaining aquariums for 30 years, I realised very soon that it makes a difference whether the water is 25 or 35°C. I was absolutely unable to cope with the stress of constantly maintaining the water quality. I had to change the water repeatedly even though I checked the values every day and corrected them with all sorts of chemical principles. The hot tub was delivered with an ozoniser and bromine tablets, whose unpleasant odour made us opt for chlorine. We did not get the desired result with this as well – the water was too soft, turbid, foaming and everything other than good. I wanted to give up after 4 years, and dismantle the hot tub that we had installed outdoors with a lot of effort until I heard of Spa-Balancer in April of last year, and I decided to go for a last try despite the high price. I was and am still excited – after the initial problems owing to the initial elimination of bacterial contaminations from the piping, pumps, etc., the water stabilised after four weeks in ALL areas – the pH is stable, the water does not smell and foam anymore and for the FIRST time in four years, I was not required to refill the pool 3 times in winter. I needed to change the water only two times a year and that was only to clean the surface of the pool. By eliminating the use of other chemicals and the corresponding water and power charges during refilling, the running costs of our hot tubs have even decreased.

Thank you for this GREAT product!

Helmut R. from Vienna Whirlpool: Dreampool 575 from Hydropool


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Whirlpool USSPA Draco

Our experience with SpaBalancer:

We have had our new Whirlpool since June 2009. We bought the Whirlpool “Draco” from the AW company in Hamburg.

Right from the beginning, we have been using SpaBalancer for the care of the water and other parts of the Whirlpool and we are still having a very good experience with this product.

We had to replace our water only once this year, even though the condition of the water quality did not make it absolutely necessary. We have been able to maintain water quality through the weekly addition of 70 ml SpaBalancer to the whirlpool bathtub.

Neighbours who own a pool commend this application of the cleanser to be timesaving without the formation of any algae and lime and eliminating impurities effectively. The water is continuously clean, clear, and odourless. Other neighbours told us about the long-lasting cleaning effects based on studies of water quality and composition. This was also a fact that previously held us back from buying a hot tub. While visiting the exhibits in the AW company, we were informed that SpaBalancer is a novel product in the market that makes such work a matter of the past. We have personally seen this recommendation to be completely true.

The entire system of jets and heating are also cleaned along with the hot tub. No additional work is required. With just the replacement of the filter, the fun of bathing and back massage can go on and on.

Our experience with SpaBalancer is very positive and we can only advise any other owner of a whirlpool bathtub or swimming pool to make use of this product and allow more time for relaxation and health.

Family B. from Riesa

Whirlpool: USSPA, Draco


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Whirlpool Jacuzzi

After several attempts with chlorine and various liquid cleansers to keep the whirlpool of stable quality, we have finally found the right means. SpaBalancer has convinced us beyond a doubt. We can keep the water clear and clean for 11 months with just a weekly addition of SpaBalancer and single replacement of filter. No smell of chlorine and, finally, no more itchy skin! SpaBalancer has convinced us.

Werner G. and Monica F. from Hohenhameln


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Whirlpool USSPA Columba


As promised, we are sending you a picture of us with SpaBalancer.

We have had the Columba model whirlpool bathtub from the company USSPA – a seven-seated outdoor whirlpool – since 2006. It is the best that one can imagine for swimming fans. It cannot be compared to an indoor whirlpool in the bathroom (with which we started). We use it several times a week, in the summer and winter. One never freezes and always has one’s head in the fresh air, and after just two massage cycles you easily become relaxed after a busy sauna evening.

Proper care of the whirlpool bathtub is very important to us, and it has become our hobby. In the beginning, the cost of water treatment was very expensive. We had to carry out chlorination after every person took a bath, and very often shock chlorination and change the water every 3-4 months. Constant checking of the pH value and test strips for the other values was needed.

After about a year, we changed to AquaFinesse, which brought about a significant change. However, it was still difficult to attain high water quality, and the partial replacement of the water and repetitive shock chlorination could not be averted. The smell of chlorine was often very strong and the gases from the pump irritated my eyes.

We have been using SpaBalancer now for almost a year and are extremely enthusiastic. The water quality is excellent, and the handling simpler than never before.

We have a fixed day in the week where we add the specified amount of SpaBalancer to the water, clean the filter, and refill water, if necessary. If turbidity occurs, we increase the dosage. We have not changed the water for nine months now and the quality is excellent. We are completely pleased and can only recommend SpaBalancer. There is nothing better than it on the market.

As you can see in the photo, we use the pool to relax even on a sunny day, sunbathe, read, or listen to the radio. Wellness in one’s own garden is an investment that we have never regretted.

Our children and friends always look forward to beautiful whirlpool times with us.


Family S.-S. from Gevelsberg, NRW


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Relaxpool BM 216

This is our experience with the SpaBalancer product from your company: Since the last one and a half years, we have owned the Relaxpool BM 216 from the home needs store “Bauhaus” and have already gathered a lot of experience in the care of water quality. At the beginning, we tried the usual additives, of course, like so many other whirlpool fans, such as chlorine, activated oxygen, and chemicals of all kinds. The result was frightening every time: turbid water time and again, a slimy layer formed on the tub surface, accompanied by foam formation and “musty-smelling” water. Irritation of the skin and dry hands worsened the entire situation. Our despair led to strong scepticism when we found yet another “miracle spa care product” – the “SpaBalancer”.

Our experience with your product is as follows: After the first application, the water was whitish and turbid, and a bright scale formed on the tub surface, but this biofilm vanished from the recesses of the pool after two more days. The resulting dirt was held completely by the filter and after three days, the water was crystal clear, odourless and pleasant to the skin.

Today, our weekly pool maintenance is limited to filter cleaning and the filling of 50-75 ml of SpaBalancer. We rely only on your product for the future, as it is: – Simple – Effective – Environmentally friendly – Non-allergic to skin – Saves time – Reduces cost.

Are you looking for a miracle spa care product? We recommend SpaBalancer!

Kind regards,

Family K. from Augsburg


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ECLIPSE Dream Maker Spa


Since 2004, I have owned the ECLIPSE Dream Maker Spa. The daily monitoring of the water quality was pretty annoying. I had to replace the water every 2-3 months. The electricity and water costs were correspondingly high. I do not only saved costs with the application of SpaBalancer, I also avoid daily water control – this provides me with a higher recreational value. The product is worth the money!

Regards, Mr M. from Saarland


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