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SpaBalancer - Chlorine-free and biological water treatment for your hot tub

SpaBalancer is the innovation that enables you to keep the water in your spa clear, clean and odor-free – it’s entirely organic and does not contain chlorine.

With SpaBalancer your spa water will become very soft. Skin irritation becomes a thing of the past: your skin will retain its natural hydrolipidic film and not dry out. Enjoy your spa, even if you have sensitive skin or neurodermatitis.

SpaBalancer alters the existing lime content in the water and thus protects your spa’s equipment. This significantly increases the life of your spa and can save you costly repairs of calcified pumps and corroded heaters. The cushions and cover of your spa will also have a much longer service life as they’ll no longer be exposed to corrosive disinfectant vapors.

Instead of replacing the water in your spa every two to four months, use spaBalancer and use the same water much longer. You’ll be protecting the environment, as well as save energy and money.

The advantages of SpaBalancer:

  • Extremely easy water care: just a single measuring cup per week
  • SpaBalancer maintains the natural pH of the water and works at any pH level
  • Works regardless of water hardness
  • Works without ozonator
  • No more need for additional water treatment products
  • Spa water is odorless
  • No more lime and dirt deposits above the waterline
  • Never apply cream again: water stays soft and skin-friendly
  • No skin problems: no scratching, no itching, no tightness. Auch bei Neurodermitis können Sie Ihren Whirlpool genießen.
  • No more red inflamed eyes
  • No breathing problems
  • No more showering to wash off the usual chlorine odor after taking a spa bath
  • No more chemical attack on the spa’s cushions, insulating cover and plastic shell
  • No more frequent water changes necessary: change your water only once a year
  • Water stays crystal clear for four weeks when not in use (e.g. when on vacation) - without the addition of SpaBalancer

What problems can occur with a spa?

Water in a spa can become contaminated in many different ways. Depending on the temperature of the water and the abundance of the food supply – e.g. sweat, skin cells, skin creams and hair - bacteria can multiply exponentially.

Yet filters can only remove larger contaminants, which means microscopic contaminants, bacteria and germs are not trapped by them. So to keep water clean, disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine and active oxygen are typically used. The basic action of these agents is oxidation, which kills germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, this oxidation process produces numerous harmful waste products which can impact both your water and your well-being.

Another problem is colony formation by bacteria in pipe - so-called biofilm. Over 95% of all bacteria are located in the biofilm and as such are not reachable by disinfectants. Although disinfectants kill some bacteria, the biofilm is virtually immune to disinfectants. Oftentimes, bigger and bigger dosages of disinfectant are used to keep biofilm under control...

Thus, the water behaves increasingly aggressive towards the skin. It also gradually loses more and more "stability" and eventually threatens to "tip". Consequently, the spa water must usually be replaced every two to four months - a vicious circle which till now has been virtually unavoidable.

How does SpaBalancer work?

SpaBalancer is a unique blend of natural minerals and enzymes. It encapsulates contaminants in the water at the molecular level. Harmful bacteria are separated from their nutrients and die. The encapsulated contaminants are removed by the filter. The buildup of biofilms is inhibited.

In addition to impurities in water SpaBalancer also detects dissolved substances such as calcium, iron, copper and manganese. The unique active formula alters the molecular structure of these materials, which are subsequently encapsulated and also filtered out. The process also renders fats, oils, and urea harmless, and removes them. The water takes on the quality of spring water: crystal clear, odorless and pleasantly soft to the skin.

SpaBalancer Water Care Manual

  • For initial filling of the spa: perform shock treatment with SpaBalancer Ultrashock. Add 75 ml SpaBalancer Ultrashock per 1,000 liters of water in the spa.
  • The next day (or after SpaBalancer Ultrashock has broken down) carry out the initial application of SpaBalancer. For the very first application only, add 100 ml of SpaBalancer to 1,000 liters of water. Always shake the bottle well before adding.
  • Weekly application: add between 40 ml and 75 ml SpaBalancer to the water each week. The amount depends on the how intensively the Spa is used.
  • Filter maintenance: every two weeks, place filters in SpaBalancer Filter Clean overnight, following by a thorough rinsing. Then place the filters in SpaBalancer Ultrashock overnight and finish up by rinsing. Use spare filters during this time.


Whirlpool Novitek Luosto


I have been using Spabalancer products for our Novitek Luosto whirlpool and the water has been very good with a minimal amount of work. Real test was a pool party with a total of ten persons for five hours and on the next morning the water was still crystal clear and odourless. I hate the smell of chlorine in swimming pools so this has been a perfect choice for me!

Happy customer from Finland, Petri


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Swim Spa Sparelax SRP-430

Dear Mr. Dörries,

I have a small family therefore I was looking for something which can do both: keeping the water crystal clean and at the same time must be gentle to the skin. I am very satisfied with the whole product range of the Spa Balancer. They proved to be effective and works just like it was promised. Once you get used to them you will never look for something else.

Best Regards, Csaba R.


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NOVITEK outdoor whirlpool


We have NOVITEK outdoor whirlpool now for two years. We use it also in the winter. We have used SpaBalacer from the beginning and we are very happy with the result. The water is clean and smells fresh.

Happy customer F. M. from Finland


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Hot Tub Novitek Olos

Dear Tim,

I have been using SpaBalancer right from the start and the products have been working exactly as expected and the water in the tub is always crystal clear. I chose SpaBalancer because our kids have a sensitive skin type and typically will get reactions in heavily chlorinated public swimming pool waters. The kids have been swimming in the tub 3-4 times per week, and are often in for several hours and we have not seen any skin reactions, which is very very good!

The next best thing with SpaBalancer is that it is really super easy to use. Just pour 50-100ml of SpaBalancer in the tub once a week and occasionally after more heavy bathing I add a shot of UltraShock. On top of this I clean the filter once per week - I rotate three filter cartridges - with the filter cleaning sprayer (which is really at least as good as promised!) and soak the filters in SpaBalancer Filter Clean Classic about once per month.

I keep a detail diary of the electrical consumption, bathing times, spa settings, filter cleanings and SpaBalancer use and will be happy to share this information with anyone who might be interested in knowing how much a Novitek Olos hot tub consumes and costs in Espoo/Finland. Simply send me an sms on +358400269199 with your email address and I will contact you.

I can only say that I am very happy with the SpaBalancer and will continue using only this product.

With kind regards and keep up the good work!


Espoo / Finlandtype of Hot Tub: Novitek OlosInstalled: May 2014Using SpaBalancer: since first filling


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FAQ - The most important questions and answers regarding SpaBalancer

What does SpaBalancer contain and how does it work?