Our Microbiological Tests for SpaBalancer


Does SpaBalancer also work for legionella in jacuzzis?

Legionella proliferate rapidly in hot tubs and constitute a serious hazard. Our SpaBalancer System is 100% effective against legionella. To assuage any doubts you may have, the SpaBalancer System was tested by the company Graner & Partner. You can see the results here.

Is the SpaBalancer System safe? Can I go in the hot tub without having to worry about bacteria?

The warm water in hot tubs is a hotbed for dangerous bacteria. The amount of bacteria in a hot tub can double every 30 minutes. This happens quickly in strongly contaminated water. This can lead to skin rashes and other illnesses. For this reason, it is important that the water cleaning agent effectively stop the spread of bacteria. In order to protect you completely from harmful bacteria, we've tested our SpaBalancer System microbiologically with the most dangerous bacteria. The results are 100% positive. You can take a look at the microbiological test here .

Is SpaBalancer skin-friendly?

Many people complain about skin problems when using their hot tubs. These skin problems are almost always caused by the disinfectant used. Our SpaBalancer Cleaning System is 100% skin-friendly. We have tested this with a study led by the company proDerm at the Institute of Applied Dermatological Research.
For the study, 22 subjects were tested with 5 different samples for 6 days.

Sample 1 Test Series A = pure tap water
Sample 2 Test Series B = sodium dodecyl sulfate (0.3% dilution - positive sample. All skin types react to this substance)
Sample 3 Test Series C = SpaBalancer (40 mL dilution / 1000 L)
Sample 4 Test Series D = Ultrashock (dilution 40 ml / 1000 Liter)
Sample 5 Test Series E = mixture of Ultrashock und SpaBalancer (1:1 mixture)


Result of study: None of the subjects had reactions to either SpaBalancer or Ultrashock or the mixture of SpaBalancer and Ultrashock.
SpaBalancer and Ultrashock demonstrated skin compatibility akin to that of fresh drinking water.

You can download the test here.